Our Featured Presentation: Family II

The Neighborhood

cover Good Morning!!! photography by
visual artist Keyur Panchal of Keep Picturing

the ‘Family’ preamble: Acting From Love
Family I



Kendall F. Person:
Hey, Cousin.

Renee Mallory: Hey.

Kendall F. Person: You gave the family quite a scare. With Edward and Tony now gone, you are the oldest of our generation. So glad you made it through and thank you, cousin for sharing your story. What happened?

Renee Mallory: On March 27, 2013 I was diagnosed with spindle cell cancer in the stomach and intestines. I had nine bleeding gist tumors. Surgery was not an option, I was hospitalized for a couple of weeks to get them under control,and a biopsy,to determine how bad it was. Well, I was told there wasn’t a cure and I only had 3 month to live,

Well, they found a drug that hadn’t been tested called GLEEVEC 400 MG. CHEMOTHERAPY everyday…

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Celebrating Poetry, All Month Long

The WordPress.com Blog

April is National Poetry Month, and we love each day’s flurry of new posts tagged #nationalpoetrymonth in the WordPress.com Reader and across the internet. WordPressers are busy in the #napowrimo tag as well, participating in NaPoWriMo, Maureen Thorson’s annual project that encourages and challenges poets to write a poem a day in April.

Let’s look at some poetry we’ve stumbled upon recently across the WordPress.com community.

“Me as a Child” series, Silver Birch Press

We’re enjoying the Me as a Child series at Silver Birch Press — poems on childhood by various poets. Consider this excerpt from “Swarm” by Alan King:

She was a sixth grader, who mistook
my lamppost legs and power line arms
for a fifth grader.

She was as old as the boys
throwing grass in each other’s hair,
rolling around in a kind of awkward
tango towards manhood.

“I Allow Myself Poetry,” Summer Pierre

Poetry is…

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